Monday, April 17, 2006

Events which are coming cast their shadow – onto multicultural macedonia

struga, one of the important cities in macedonia, where the slavic macedonians are the majority, has lost its slavic majority last week after profound legal changes meant the albanian regions near it became part of the city's municipality. the albanian majority will be dominant in the city government. the same situation will be valid for kicevo by 2008. peasants, in effect, will control the cities.

kosovo and macedonia share a common border, and after 1999 huge amounts of weaponry and albanian terrorists passed over to commence operations in macedonia. albanian fighters busily set about kidnapping and killing macedonian conscript soldiers, police officers, officials, etc. once on the verge of a decisive defeat by modestly equipped macedonian security services, they were escorted from the country by american forces to the safety of post-conflict kosovo.

there has not been one, even fictitious, news item about macedonian atrocites against the albanian civilian minority. that isn’t the issue according to the terrorist albanian army, the nla, the successor to the ‘disbanded’ kla. there is also ana, whose ramush haradinaj has vowed to fight on for a greater albania. the ana is bad cop, the nla is good cop, and the criminal is the peaceful macedonian government.

as nla leader mr ahmeti says (newsweek, march 22, 2001). "our aim is solely to remove slav forces from territory which is historically albanian." of course, slavs and albanians have lived side by side for centuries in macedonia, so no such areas exist. and tutored no doubt by the cia, mr ahmeti now professes himself devoted to macedonian unity – surprising for one who described macedonia as an articifial state that should be cut up. the ana condemns the us backed 2001 ohrid agreement/ultimatum, the framework for last week’s power transfer, and has called all albanians to join for a war in order to unify all the albanians in one state.

albanian schools may be bad, and proportionally less albanians attend university or join the police force, but that is hardly the fault of the central government, anymore than underachievement or under representation of blacks in education is the fault of the uk government, or than underachievement of malays compared to chinese minority students is the fault of the majority, muslim malaysian government. the malayasian government, bemoaning its failure, recently abolished pro-malay discrimination.

without a popular referendum, large parts of macedonia are now passing to direct albanian control. there will be universal quotas for albanian representation in education and the police. 'proving' itself a friend to muslims in kosovo and bosnia, cia-ing military support and guidance to extremist and fundamentalist groups, and undermining negotiation beetween muslim and christian politicians, the usa helped to turn those countries into mafia and terrorist basketcases. the only real power now held among albanian populations in kosovo and macedonia is nationalist-terrorist-mafia power – so what motivation have any ‘moderate’ albanian politicians?

it's noteworthy that while the usa and eu have demanded albanian power – and power rather than minority rights, which they already possess – in macedonia, they refuse to consider any serious move towards minority rights for christian or gypsy minority groups in kosovo, where albanians constitute the majority, and where albanian rule has been severely condemned by a recent u.n. report. armed albanians want devolution in macedonia, but violently oppose it in kosovo, where this year large gangs launched a pogrom against serb and gypsy enclaves.

so why is the usa falling over itself to hand power to the very forces which are against multiculturalism, against brotherhood and unity, and for mono-ethnicity and separateness? why does it pander to an albanian culture of victimology and bloody narcissism? is it perhaps the typical american strategy of promoting fascist inclined, muslim clients at the expense of any state which might otherwise look to the ex soviet union for international guidance – a strategy that won america two huge military bases in kosovo and bosnia, and geographical control over future oil pipelines? or simply, like in cyprus, attempting to hand disproportiate powers to one ethnic group, stirring up future trouble, and allowing the usa to ‘put its hand in’, economically or politically, whenever it pleases? one thing for certain, macedonia, congratulated by bush for its troop contribution to iraq, will soon be a client, sweatshop and market of both nato and the (anglo-german) eu – and one effectively forbidden to tackle its own terrorist problems.

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