Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Anti-Macedonians hail Kalfin's statement

The latest statement by Bulgarian Foreign Minister Ivaylo Kalfin, who made clear that Bulgaria's support to Macedonia's EU bid is not unconditional, mustered a strong support by anti-Macedonian circles in Sofia.

Some media in Sofia quote reactions by radical circles in Bulgaria, who has already proven their anti-Macedonian sentiment, including the nationalists who appear reluctant to recognizing Macedonia, Makfax news agency reports.

In the headline "Macedonia and the Train to Europe", Bulgarian news agency Focus opened "hot theme" on its web site. Focus executive Krasimir Uzunov is wondering how Macedonia could integrate into the EU given the fact that the country will soon face a referendum on secession of part of its territory.

"They should mind their own problems with entry visas for Albania. They should stop poking their nose into other people's affairs. They have no chance at all," Uzunov said, adding that Macedonia is probably attempting to integrate part of its territory into the EU.

Focus news agency quotes Bozidar Dimitrov, director of the National Museum of History, who pledged full support to Kalfin's statement.

"The word Bulgarian is a dirty word in Macedonia. It's a shame. The impudent sacrilege of Bulgarian monuments of culture is vile and mean. The state of Macedonia should acknowledge the truth about its existence," Dimitrov said.

"It's an absurd a territory that belongs to Bulgaria to border with Bulgaria and to act insanely," said Pavel Cernev, leader of Bulgarian National-Radical Party.
Cernev cited the former Bulgarian president Petar Stoynov as saying "Macedonia is the most romantic part of Bulgarian history".

Standard newspaper says Ivaylo Kalfin has the destination of being the first Bulgarian official to have made clear to Macedonians that they could no longer spit on us, as we are doing nothing to prevent it. The paper says the "warning comes in time when anti-Bulgarian campaign envelopes "Vardar province".

Focus news agency quotes OMO Ilinden-Pirin leader, Stojko Stojkov, who came up with European-style statement despite the apparent denial of Macedonian nation.

"The history, as a science, has nothing to do with EU integration, and it's inappropriate for a politician to bring up history in neighborly relations," Stojkov said.

He added that "Bulgaria and Macedonia should bring up questions on European way, i.e. respect for human rights, introduction of European common values, tolerance, democracy", as solid foundation for "building confidence and close friendship".

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