Saturday, July 29, 2006

Kapital: Macedonian Businessmen and Politicians are Hiding Their Yachts

Skopje. Macedonian businessmen and politicians are still not quite inclined speaking for their yachts, Macedonian economic weekly Kapital reports. Their yachts are traveling far from the eyes of the Macedonian public.
There is not a single yacht in Ohrid but only several. Those of Macedonian politicians and businessmen are in Greek luxury resort of Sunny Beach. Marta is considered for most luxurious yachts of all according to Kapital and it belongs to Jankovski brothers amounting at EUR 1.2 million.
It is rumored that the yacht of the ex Prime Minister Ljubcho Georgievski amounts at EUR 700,000. According to unofficial info the businessman Risto Gushterov and Vlatko Stefanovski, ex chief of security of Ljubcho Georgievski alos own yachts in Greece.

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