Thursday, July 20, 2006

Local Government in Bitola facing blockade

The normal functioning of the Council of Municipality Bitola became uncertain after today's decision of VMRO-NP to break the agreement for cooperation on local level with the coalition of VMRO-DPMNE.

This decision of Narodna Partija party, reports Makfax's correspondent, comes after the Mayor Vladimir Talevski, despite the inter-party agreement, changed Nikola Jovanovski from the position of director of Public Enterprise Niskogradba and replaced him with independent councilor Dragi Grozdanovski.

VMRO-DPMNE holds 12 positions in the Council and provided majority with five councilors from VMRO-NP, according to the agreement concluded after March elections.

"For now, we do not plan to make coalition with SDSM - LDP, but we are only breaking the cooperation with DPMNE. We will wait after the elections to see what we will do", said Kire Klimeski, parliamentary candidate of VMRO-NP in 5. Election unit.

The coalition SDSM - LDP has 12 councilors, together with independent councilor Kirco Taskov. DUI has one councilor, and the 31st one is the independent Dragi Grozdanovski, now appointed for director.

Currently aggravated relations of the two parties with prefix VMRO reminds of the conditions in 1996, which led to extraordinary elections due to obstruction and disfunctioning of the Council for 6 months.

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