Saturday, July 15, 2006

MACEDONIA: Municipality of Ohrid Sets Urban Plan

The Council of Ohrid Municipality on Friday, after a brief discussion, adopted unanimously the General Urban Plan - GUP for Ohrid, for the next 10 years, reports Makfax's reporter.
The Municipality of Ohrid was one of the last municipalities in Macedonia that lacked official GUP, which was being prepared since 1997.
The adopted GUP establishes the urban boundaries of the Municipality, as well as preservation zones determined by the Directorate for Protection of the Monuments of Culture and Ohrid's Institute and Museum.
The GUP, which regulates what and where will be built, which are public areas and protected zones, is a basis for adopting detailed urban plans that will determine the type of buildings that will be built and their size.
The Council of Ohrid Municipality adopted the Plan on the last day of the legal deadline. If this weren't completed by Friday, the cost for preparation of the urban plan of 5 million Denars would have been paid by the Municipality, instead of the State.

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