Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Macedonians persecuted from Greece to address international comm

Macedonians that were expelled from Greece in the wake of the civil war in that country will come together on 30 July to attend the traditional border gathering in the village of Trnovo, situated at the foothill of the Pelister Mountain.

The participants of the 26th gathering will make another bid to draw international attention to the deprivation of the rights of more than 186.000 persecuted Macedonians.
"We will urge for resolving of this issue at an international level in the Council of Europe, EU, UN, OSCE and Red Cross International Refugee Committee", said Dr. Nikola Kosturski, the President of the Association of organizations of ethnic Macedonians expelled from Greece, and chief of the organizing board of this year's gathering, in Bitola today.

The organizer expects that event, which will take place in the courtyard of the St. Nedela church, would bring together some 2.000 Macedonians from the country, as well as from neighboring and overseas countries.

60th anniversary of the death of Mirka Ginova in the fascist prisons will
highlight this year's gathering.

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