Friday, July 14, 2006

OSCE Mission to Skopje fosters cooperation between police and citizens at local level

Skopje - Before, residents of Sopiste had to travel several kilometers to apply for personal documents or get police assistance at the police station in Dracevo. This is no longer a case thanks to the newly-opened police office in this municipality.

The idea of opening a police office in Sopiste Municipality was initiated by local residents and was supported by the OSCE Office in Skopje, which mediated the equipping of the office by the British Embassy. The equipment, in place as of today, will give the police officers working conditions in which they can function more effectively.

Dracevo Police Station Commander, Branislav Krstevski, whose station will help to man the new office, explained, “This is another step the police are taking to get closer to the citizens. The opening of the police office in Sopiste Municipality is essential for the police as it will have a strategic importance for building good relations between the police and the citizens. It will also help in creating a positive image for the police.”

This office in Sopiste will be used to better serve the community within the context of community policing, a policing concept supported by the OSCE in the country, which aims to increase the confidence and cooperation between police and citizens.

The office will be open three days a week and the citizens will have the opportunity to address their concerns on police related issues, as well as to file complaints and request police assistance.


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