Thursday, July 20, 2006

Surprise! U.S. won't help Germany investigate illegal U.S. seizure

Lebanon-born Khaled al-Masri, a German citizen, claims to have been abducted/seized in Macedonia in December of 2003, then taken by the CIA to an Afghanistan detention center, where for five months he was interrogated and abused. In fact, al-Masri has filed a civil lawsuit against the CIA.

But Germany, for some reason, wants to know what happened to one of its citizens, why, and the other reasonable questions about the case.

And, also for some reason, the U.S. has just informed Germany that we will not help them in their investigation. Not because the investigation may reveal some serious illegal activity by us, involving citizens of our allies, perish the thought. We'd love to cooperate, but dang it, that darned al-Masri filed suit against the CIA, and now we just can't help.

But that's only temporary, of course. Once the lawsuit is resolved, come back and see us some time.

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