Thursday, July 27, 2006

Why Did Macedonia Start Crying

On September 8, 2006 Macedonia will have had 15 teenage years of independence behind it.

What happened in these 15 years:

- In 1991 Bulgaria refused to participate in a three-party conference with Greece and Yugoslavia on the future of Macedonia without the presence of Macedonian representatives
- In January 1992 Bulgaria became the first to recognize the independence of Macedonia
- In 1992 Russia recognized Macedonia under its constitutional name during a visit of the President Yeltsin in Sofia
- In 1992 Bulgaria granted its diplomatic missions and representative offices for presenting and lobbying for Macedonia’s accession to the UN
- In 1992 Bulgaria provided a “green corridor” for supplying Macedonia with fuel during the Greek economic blockade surrounding the conflict on the name of Macedonia
- In 1999 Bulgaria granted 150 tanks and 150 artillery systems to Macedonia
- during the Kosovo crisis in the spring of 1999 Bulgaria refused economic assistance to Macedonia
- During the war in 2001 Bulgaria rendered economic, political and logistics assistance to Macedonia in the fields of state, economic, political and public life in view of the fast integration of the country to international institutions and organizations, in its preparation for NATO membership and implementing the requirements of the EU

What Macedonia did:
- Created the problem – if you recognize the independence of the country, will you recognize the nation?
- Created the language conflict
- Drew images of Bulgarian statesmen onto the maps of San Stefano Bulgaria
- Sold the fuel imported from Bulgaria because of the Greek Embargo to Yugoslavia at three-times-higher price
- Chased away journalists, covering the Parliamentary elections in 1998
- Made Bulgaria a constant issue for its inner-party fights. Started to publicly use phrases, which use the name of Bulgaria in a negative aspect
- Sold the tanks granted by Bulgaria after it announced they were old and useless
- Constantly wanted to register party of the so-called Macedonian minority in Bulgaria
- Small, smaller and smallest Macedonian leaders blamed Bulgaria for stealing history, museum treasures, personalities, etc.

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