Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Will Macedonia’s President and the New PM Cooperate?

Skopje. There have twice been periods in Macedonia in which the President and the Prime Minister were from different political parties. Both times the “co-existence” proved impossible, Macedonia TV station A1 reports.
After the presidential elections VMRO-DPMNE called Branko Crvenkovski “the person B.C.”, just like for a long time Boris Trajkovski was “the citizen Boris” to the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia (SDSM).
VMRO-DPMNE state they have not changed their opinion but claim they will cooperate with the President in the name of the state. The cabinet of President Crvenkovski states a similar intention – as long as Nikola Gruevski follows the national interests and adheres to the law there is no need for discords.
The first meeting between Gruevski and Crvenkovski will take place during the authorizing for forming a new government.

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