Friday, August 04, 2006

Cameraman attacked in Bitola

A cameraman employed in Bitola-based TV station TERA got beaten up by the security of the textile production factory, owned by a Greek businessman, Macedonian media reported today.

The incident took place when the cameraman Jovance Talevski attempted to tape the factory's employees coming to work in night shift, in the eve of the national holiday Ilinden.

"I was standing at the local road leading to the Greek border, when the factory's security guards grabbed me and dragged me forcibly into the company's premises", said Talevski. He managed to save the material, displaying workers' exploitation.

Talevski was beaten during the hour and a half confinement, which resulted in minor injuries. Nonetheless, he spent all day yesterday in a hospital.

TERA's attorney protested against inaction of a policeman, who witnessed the whole event.

Only after the arrival of a police patrol at the scene, the factory's owner and security guard were taken in. They are facing charges for forcible detention and assault and battery.

The media voiced sharp criticism today over the event, urging for taking measures for protection of the journalists, but also against workers exploitation, which is commonplace in the textile manufacturing facilities across the countr

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