Tuesday, August 22, 2006

DUI-PDP Coalition Declares End to Blockades

Tetovo. End of protests and blockades caused by exclusion from the Government was announced today by leaders of DUI-PDP coalition Ali Ahmeti and Abduladi Vejseli, reports Makfax.
The aim of the blockades, according to Ahmeti, was to demonstrate that not only their voters, but all Albanians were humiliated by PM designate Gruevski, aided by DPA, which, according to Ahmeti, is not trusted among Albanians.
Ahmeti emphasized that the protests were aimed towards alarming all citizens in Macedonia, as well as public and political figures, not to remain indifferent to injustice, but also to inform the international community about the disrespect of the will of most Albanians, expressed on the elections, to choose their representatives in the Government.
"The war of 2001 did not deepen the gap of distrust between Macedonians and Albanians, because it didn't even exist. Only, after 2001 Albanians started thinking that Macedonia will become their state too, while today, by stealing the voice of Albanians, a dilemma is opened as to what have we learn from the past", said Ahmeti.
Commenting the proposed composition of the new Government, DUI leader said that he doesn't expect anything special.
"It is clear that in this Government there are such partisans that until yesterday were presented as independent or severe fighters in various NGOs, like the proposed Minister of Justice, who was in the Anti-Corruption Commission. All other names are holding a white flag behind their back and the PM Designate will have an easy task to sign capitulation with such a team", said Ahmeti.
PDP leader, Vejseli, said that they will continue the activities with other forms of democratic political action.
"We are not particularly power-thirsty, but we are pressured by our members and voters to promote and protect Albanians and their interests in the future Government.

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