Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Karakacanov says he was not sneach but expert on Macedonia

Krasimir Karakacanov, the leader of VMRO-Bulgarian National Movement, is trying to justify his link to the former state security, claiming that he had written "expert stands" on Macedonian issue.

Karakacanov told Bulgarian media that by writing such stands he protected Bulgaria's national security, adding that he feels no shame in what he did. He also expressed regret for not holding enough powers at that time to protect the state over these issues.

"Karakacanov was registered as an agent of the 6th state security division in 1989 under the codename Ivan. There are no data on whether he signed a consensual statement on co-operation. He was tasked to carry out analyses for counterintelligence services at the interior ministry, and he did not made any statement to Bulgarian citizens," it is said in the written reply of Bulgarian Interior Minister Rumen Petkov over the past of 47 leading politicians and priests. Karakacanov is among the four listed with available data.

Karakacanov told BTV on Wednesday that he was recruited by the 3rd division of the state security, dealing with Macedonia's issue, adding that now he could put his signature under the stands he had written.

Unlike others, who apologize to foreign countries, Karakacanov said he had no intention of doing so. He took into consideration the former Yugoslavia services that had assimilated "Bulgarians in Macedonia, the Western provinces and had encouraged separatist activities in Bulgaria through OMO-Ilinden party.

Interior Minister Petkov also pinpointed Yunal Ljutfi, deputy head of DPS, Petar Beron, deputy head of Ataka Assembly, and the Chief Mufti Mustafa Haxhi as collaborators with the former state security.

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