Sunday, August 27, 2006

Macedonia gets new Cabinet

Macedonia has received a new coalition government lead by Nikola Gruevski

Gruevski (35) is the leader of VMRO-DPMNE and the coalition Better Macedonia that won the parliamentary elections on July 5. After a debate that lasted two days, 68 out of 120 deputies of the Macedonian Parliament voted in support of Gruevski’s Cabinet.

The new Macedonian Minister of Foreign Affairs is Antonio Miloševski (29), who was previously spokesman to former Prime Minister Ljupče Georgijevski. Gordana Jankulovska (30) is the new Minister of Interior, previously an advisor to Gruevski when he was the Finance Minister in Ljupče Georgijevski’s government.

Several new ministers are from the NGO sector: Defence Minister Lazar Elenovski was the President of the Euro-Atlantic Club, Justice Minister Mihajlo Manevski lead the State Anti-Corruption Commission, while the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for European Integration Gabriela Konevska came from Transparency Macedonia.

Gligor Tašković, an American citizen of Macedonian origin, has been appointed Minister without portfolio and he has been tasked with the duty to attract foreign investments.

The newly-founded Ministry of Information Technology is headed by Vele Samak, a young IT expert who had previously worked for Microsoft in the USA.

The new coalition government is comprised of VMRO-DPMNE, the Socialist Party of Macedonia, the Liberal Party, the Democratic Party, the New Social Democratic Party and VMRO-People’s Party lead by the former PM Ljupče Georgijevski. Arben Xhaferi’s Democratic Party of Albanians has also entered the government with 11 deputies, while the other party in the Albanian electorate, the Albanian Democratic Union for Integration was not invited to participate in the new Cabinet, which was why their supporters demonstrated in front of the Parliament building while the legislature was in session.

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