Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Macedonia Might Be Dismembered from UNESCO for Crimes Against Bulgarian Cultural-Historical Heritage: Historian

Sofia. Macedonia may be dismembered from USESCO for crimes against Bulgaria’s cultural-historical heritage. This is what the historian and director of the Bulgarian Museum of National History Professor Bozhidar Dimitrov told FOCUS News Agency.
Replying to a question about the condition of the Bulgarian military graveyards in Macedonia the historian said: “The condition of the military graveyards is terrible. According to our military registers there are 471 Bulgarian military graveyards in Macedonia. In 1966, Belgrade gave instructions and all the graveyards were demolished within 2-3 days. Only 2-3 graveyards were preserved by chance. Also some graveyards were saved by courageous Mayors with Bulgarian self-consciousness; such is the case in Novo Sjelo where the graveyard was announced to be one of Serbian soldiers.
In other places, for example at the officers’ graveyard in Strumica, they did something, which I thought to be vandalism in the beginning but which I later appreciated. They added the typical Serbian ending –ic to the names of the dead soldiers. For example Popov became Popovic, Nikolov – Nikolovic, etc. and thus they saved them from being demolished.”
The director of the National Museum of History also said that this is contrary to the Geneva Convention.

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