Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Macedonia Remains Captive to Oligarchs: World Bank

Washington. According to the latest report of the World Bank entitled “Anticorruption in transition. Who is successful and why?” Macedonia continues to remain “captive” to the oligarchs in the country, Macedonian TV station Kanal 5 reports.
The survey mentions the countries in transition including those of the former USSR and Yugoslavia, for the period 2002-2005. The results are generalized on the basis of a survey carried out among a great number of companies which had to answer why they were asked for a bribe and how much that bribe was.
The influence of the oligarchs in the justice, administration and government spheres is a special type of corruption which according to the globally adopted terminology is called “slavery of the country”. On this indicator Macedonia is at the bottom, followed only by Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina; as for the indicator about the corruption being a hindrance to making business Macedonia is followed only by Kyrgyzstan and Albania.
On the other hand there is a slight drop in the administrative corruption for the period 2002-2005 which means that smaller bribe sums have been given. The same tendency is noted at the customs administration while the corruption rate in the justice sphere is increasing, Kanal 5 notes.

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