Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New Russian Ambassador handed over credentials to Crvenkovski

The President of the Republic of Macedonia, Branko Crvenkovski, received today the letter of credentials of the newly appointed plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Republic of Macedonia, Vladimir Solotsinsky.

"Macedonian people, and I personally, value highly the friendly Russian Federation's support to our country ever since declaring of independence, and especially in the hard times, backing its sovereignty, territorial integrity and unitarian character of the state", Crvenkovski said.

"I believe that the Russian companies and businessmen will start fining their interest to invest in the Republic of Macedonia. In that sense, I would like to emphasize that you will be provided with support by the Macedonian institutions", Macedonia Head of State added.

Ambassador Solotsinsky said that "Russia has always supported the sovereignty, territorial integrity and the unitarian character of the Republic Macedonia and that position remains unchanged. We will continue our fully support to the efforts of the Macedonia leadership aimed at preserving these values".

He added that "Macedonia is an important political partner for Russia".

"Our intention is to continue the constructive coordination with your country within the international organization on both bilateral and multilateral bases, furthering the practice of exchanging opinions about the main global issues", the new Russian Ambassador said.

As regards the economic cooperation, Solotsinsky stated that "Russia is gradually becoming one of the most important economic partners of Macedonia".

He noted that he will do everything in his power to boost the relations between the two countries in the fields spanning economy and politics.

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