Tuesday, August 29, 2006

PM Gruevski has EUR44.000 savings!

Macedonian Prime Minister has savings totaling 44.000 euros and no real estate or assets bearing his name, says the summary of the property status of the newly appointed office holders from VMRO DPMNE, published on the party's webpage.

VMRO DPMNE announced that the list will be continuously updated, according to the dynamics of appointing and election of other officials and filing out the questionnaires on their part.

Justice Minister Mihajlo Manevski shares ownership of a 114 square meters apartment in Skopje with his wife. His real estate property includes a family house in Bashino Selo and 10.000 square meters cultivating field, and his personal bank accounts total 85.000 denars.
Manevski family's savings total 20.000 euros.

Mile Janakieski, the new Minister of Transportation and Communication, owns an 65 square meters apartment in Skopje, subject to mortgage pay off, as well as a family house in Skopje's District of Kapishtec. Furthermore, he owns two houses in Prilep, his birth town. Janakievski holds 17 priority shares in Komercijalna Banka-Skopje, 33 priority shares in Stopanska Banka-Skopje and 68 shares in Prolux from Prilep.

Foreign Minister Antonio Miloshoski is a sole owner of two one-room apartments in Skopje and shares ownership with his wife over a 49 square meters apartment in Germany.

Miloshoski is paying off three loans intended for apartment provision. He posses no other property nor has registered savings.

Zoran Konjanovski, the Minister for Local Self-Governance, owns an apartment under construction in Skopje, with area of 41 square meters. His assets also include a banking account containing 200.000 denars and two foreign-currency bankbooks, totaling 1.135 euros.

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