Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Resignation of Ohrid Summer Festival's president confirmed

The president of Executive Board of the Ohrid Summer festival confirmed today that he had resigned, and the Festival director blamed the Ministry of Culture for the financial problems, reported Makfax's correspondent.

The Festival is not indebted; someone wants intentionally to tarnish its renown, said director Jovan Strezovski on the press conference in Ohrid.

"I resigned from the position of President of Executive Board of the Ohrid Summer Festival on 10 August from personal reasons, which I don't want to comment", said on the same press conference academician Risto Avramovski.

He will explicate his reasons to the Minister of culture, and maybe even come out in public, one day after the end of the Festival.

However, Avramovski said that there are other motives as well, because, as he said, "resignation is not given lightly".

"I consider I gave my best and I assessed it is time for me to retire" said Avramovski, adding that it is impossible to overcome some things that politics often does.

Avramovski and Strezovski admit that in their past cooperation, which they assess as successful, there were some misunderstandings, even quarrels, that they both deem normal and that problems were solved in the interest of undisturbed organization of the Festival.

According to Strezovski, the Festival will end with minimal debts or break even, and the financial problems, as he said, were imposed by the Ministry of Culture, which, according to Strezovski had not fulfilled its obligations towards the Debar-Kicevo eparchy for the use of cathedral church "St. Sofia" and towards the organizer of the "Leb i Sol" concert, "Avalon" production.

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