Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bulgaria to Issue Free Visas for Macedonians

Skopje. From 2007 the Macedonian citizens who want to travel to Bulgaria will need visas, Macedonian newspaper Dnevnik informs in an article entitled ‘Bulgaria to Treat Macedonian Citizens with Free Visas’.
The visas will be free and will be issued at Bulgaria’s embassy in Skopje, as well as at the consulate that is to be opened in Bitola in early 2007.
“The idea of the Bulgarian government is the visas to be free so that they would facilitate the Macedonians traveling to Bulgaria. The visas, however, are also obligatory,” anonymous sources from the Bulgarian embassy said.
Bulgaria will introduce the visas from January 1st 2007 after it joins the EU as part of the bloc’s directives. According to the proposal of the Bulgarian government the Macedonian and Serbian citizens will receive their visas for free, Dnevnik notes.

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