Friday, September 15, 2006

Gruevski pledges for close cooperation with ICTY

The new Macedonian government will keep close cooperation with the Hague Tribunal and will put efforts to fulfill its obligations as soon as possible, Macedonian PM Nikola Gruevski said after his meeting with the chief prosecutor of the International War Crimes Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, Carla del Ponte.

Gruevski pledged for a legislation-based cooperation, with equal approach to both the defence and the prosecution, in order to enable judges to make the right decision, Macedonian electronic media reported.

The two Macedonian citizens, Ljube Boskoski and Johan Tarculovski are still waiting for a trial date in the detention center Scheweningen.

Out of five submitted cases following the 2001 Conflict in Macedonia, the Hague prosecutors have set out legal proceedings on one only - "Ljuboten", while the other four are due to be returned to the Macedonian authorities.

Del Ponte and Gruevski shared the opinion that Macedonia has to be fully prepared to receive these cases, which implies well trained judges, equipped courthouses and adoption of adequate legislation.

Del Ponte said she was hopeful that the Ljuboten case trial date will be set as soon as possible, specifying that the reason for the delay is overcrowded schedule of ICTY.

PM Gruevski is due to visit Boskoski and Tarculovski Thursday afternoon, his Cabinet announced yesterday.

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