Friday, September 01, 2006

Mobimak to rebrand into T-Mobile Macedonia on Friday

On September 1, the mobile operator Mobimak will officially become a member of T-Mobile International, one of the world's leading companies in mobile communications.

The information was made public at Thursday's press conference in Skopje, held by Mobimak's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Rubin Zareski and Mobimak's Chief Operating Officer (COO) Michael Lawrence.

"We have wrapped up a successful rebranding process, consequently, Mobimak has become a part of 90 million-strong family of mobile phone users across the globe," Zareski said at today's press conference.

He added that the rebranded company will further comply with the legal liabilities it has assumed beforehand. Zareski hinted at the possibility for title-related alterations in post-paid contracts.

Zareski and Lawrence promoted the new T-Mobile shop at the shopping mall in downtown Skopje (GTC).

Lawrence stressed that the new shop represents company's highest technical achievements, adding that similar shops have been already opened in Montenegro, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany and in the United States.

Lawrence said T-Mobile Macedonia would focus on three things - to make sure that subscribers are pleased with T-mobile services, simplicity i.e. easy access to services, and emotional aspect.

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