Thursday, October 26, 2006

Authorities raise charges against Tetovo University's employees

The authorities raised today the first set of charges against employees of the Tetovo State University (TSU) involved in illegal activities.

Tetovo Police set out in motion a procedure for raising criminal charges against three persons suspected of being involved in counterfeiting university diplomas, Makfax's correspondent reported.

Bashkim Selmani, 37, former Secretary General of the Tetovo University is suspected of having issued to A.D, 23, and A.M., 24, from Tetovo's nearby village of Nerashte, certificates of graduation at the Faculty of Classical Studies.

A.D. and A.M. (secondary suspects), used the false certificates to acquire employment at the "Ismail Qemali" primary school located in Nerashte.

The prime suspect in the case, Selmani, was dismissed from duty three weeks ago, during Tetovo University's personnel shake-up.

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