Thursday, October 26, 2006

Bitola's Roma residents protest against scandalous death of fellow citizen

Instead of celebrating Ramadan Bairam, Bitola's Roma residents staged protests against, as they put it, scandalous death of the 39-year-old Miljraim Veliovski.

The cause of Veliovski's death, who died last night at the Bitola's hospital, is still unknown, Makfax's correspondent reported.

Veliovski's family accused the doctors of failing to give him a proper medical treatment.

"We had been taking him to the hospital on Thursday and Friday, but he wasn't admitted until Saturday. However, once they laid him on the bed, no one paid any attention on him, despite our pleas to be examined by a doctor", said Edail Veliovski, the brother of the now late patient.

The Romas are convinced that Miljaim's death resulted from doctors' negligence and raised allegations of racial discrimination.

"He was well and sound, never suffered from any disease. Despite their doctor's oath, medical staff divide the patients to black and white ones", Qamil Demirov, a close friend of the late Miljaim said.

"All necessary tests had been conducted and the patient was provided with adequate medical treatment, however, we were unable to come up with diagnosis. Once the autopsy is performed, we will establish whether someone should be called to account", said Dr. Dimce Kuzmanovski, the Director of Bitola's Hospital.

After refusing to approve the autopsy on Sunday, the family changed its mind today. They reported the case to the Bitola Police and notified the District Prosecution Office

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