Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Fouere criticizes ousting of Tetovo University's Rector

The latest developments at the Tetovo University and the Parliament alike, are not good for the image of the country, European Ambassador Erwan Fouere said today in Ohrid, Makfax's correspondent reports.

"I haven't seen the integral version of the report yet, however it seems obvious to me that the replacement of the Tetovo University's Rector was not carried out according to regular procedure, which must be observed in such cases".

As regards the open conflict between DPA and DUI, Fouere said that as a ruling coalition ally, DPA is the one that should come forward and try to initiate a dialogue with DUI. According to him, the cooperation between these two parties is a necessary prerequisite for reaching a political consensus for resumption of the reform process.

"EU expects from Macedonia to push ahead with the reform agenda, which is important for the future of the country, therefore the parties' political interests should give way to the common interests", Fouere said.

During his visit to Ohrid, Fouere attended the presentation of the results of the project "Improving cultural cooperation in the ethnically mixed schools".

The project, funded by the European Agency for Reconstruction, was carried out in 20 primary and secondary schools, including 900 pupils and students. The project was aimed at overcoming of the inter-ethnic prejudices.

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