Friday, October 20, 2006

Macedonia Losing Millions of Dollars without Ambassador in USA

Skopje/Washington. Macedonia will lose dozens of millions of dollars under the fund ‘Challenge of the Millennium’ on account of not having an Ambassador in the USA after withdrawing Ljupco Georgievski, Macedonian TV station A1 informs.
According to diplomatic sources in this case there is no one to continue the work of former Macedonian Ambassador Nikola Dimitrov.
After Mr. Dimitrov’s mandate ran out Macedonia had an ambassador in the US only for two months – a term that was insufficient for convincing the White House that Skopje deserves to receive part of the USD 5 billion intended for countries with which Washington maintains friendly relations.
Albania, which has similar economic indicators, has received USD 16 million this year from the fund as this sum is expected to double in 2007, A1 notes.

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