Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Macedonia's trade deficit nears $900 million

Macedonia's trade deficit in the first eight months of 2006 totals $885.648.000, according to latest data published by State Statistical Office.

Macedonia's balance of trade in the period of January-August 2006 ranges $3.853.198.000, whereas export comprises 38.5% and import comprises 61.5%.

Major contribution to country's export in the period of January through August 2006 was noted in unfinished products (33.2%), finished products (26.1%). The major import was reported in unfinished products (29.9%), mineral fuels, lubricants etc. (19.5%), machines and transport devices (18.7%).

Major contribution to Macedonia's export of goods was marked in country's export to EU member-states (55.1%) and the former Yugoslav republics (32.7%). Macedonia's imports from EU members are put at 44.6%, imports from developing countries total 37.4%.

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