Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Cytostatic medicines to be procured by Clinic Center on monthly basis

Skopje Clinic Center has launched a new practice in procurement of cytostatics, Borce Georgievski, the Director of the Center announced today.

He explained that in the future, each Clinic Center's department will have to file their orders until the fifth day of the month.

Georgievski said that this month's orders have been already executed. It is the first order of medicines and medical material made by the new managerial team.

"All previous orders, have been made by the prior managerial team", Georgievski said.

According to him, the shortage of these medicines occurred due to improper tender procedures.

"We wrapped up this process last month, and conclusion of new contracts with suppliers is now under way. We expect to provide access to the patients of the six types of cytostatics, which were omitted from the list of available medicines' throughout 2006", Georgievski said.

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