Wednesday, November 15, 2006

EC presents enlargement report today

European Commission is due to present today the strategy paper on EU enlargement and the annual report on the progress achieved by the candidate-countries.
The Commission report will stress that the EU is not likely to take in any more candidate countries in the near term, i.e. before EU's institutional challenges are resolved. It will also spell out that despite having achieved a certain progress, Western Balkan's countries are not yet prepared to establish higher-level relations with the Union.
As regards Turkey's EU bid, the report will say that despite a perceived slowdown in reforms since the country began entry talks in 2005, no breakdown in its accession process will take place.

In the part referring to Macedonia, the draft-report will commend the progress in implementing forms over the last 12 months, but will also point out the necessity for further reforms in the fields spanning judiciary, internal affairs, battle against organized crime and corruption, as well as the need of keeping a closer dialogue between the ruling power and opposition.

The report does not include any date for launch of negotiations for Macedonia's membership in EU.

European Ambassador to Macedonia, Erwan Fouere, is due to present the annual progress report and EC's strategy paper on enlargement in Skopje today.

After acquiring a candidacy status in December 2005, Macedonia is now hoping to begin negotiations with EU for fully-fledged membership in 2007.

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