Thursday, November 23, 2006

Eide announces Norwegian investments in Macedonia

Norway will continue to be a big donor to Macedonia, and will go over from providing help to making investments in Macedonia, said Kai Eide, the Political Director with the Norwegian Foreign Ministry.

"I believe we will find joint projects, in which Norwegian companies can invest. We are gradually going over from giving help to creating a positive investment climate in Macedonia", Eide said after the meeting with the Macedonian Euro-Integration Minister, Gabriela Konevska-Trajkovska, at a joint press conference.

Eide and Konevska discussed the modalities of stepping up the Norwegian assistance in the reform processes and resumption of the ongoing projects in the fields spanning education, healthcare and public administration.

The Norwegian official underlined the important ace of the Secretariat for European Integrations (SEI), through which three out of ten million euros provided for 2006 have been channeled.

380.000 euros from these funds were allocated for equipping the new SEI premises that were put into operation today.

Kai Eide expressed hopes that "at the Riga Summit, Macedonian progress will be acknowledged and the country will be encouraged to keep on with reforms in order to acquire membership in NATO as soon as possible".

"I am impressed of the job done so far, and of Government's ambitions in the Euro-Integration sphere", he added.

This afternoon, Eide attended the ceremonious opening of the new Norwegian and Swedish Embassies in Skopje.

"Our new seat will continue to be a house for cooperation with Macedonia and for support of its efforts towards the Euro-Atlantic integration", Eide said.

Representatives of the Macedonian Government, diplomatic corps and international organizations in the country also attended the opening of the Embassies..

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