Saturday, November 04, 2006

Kumanovo's public utility workers go on strike

The employees of the Kumanovo's public enterprise "Cistota i Zelenilo" halted working activities and went to strike today, Makfax's correspondent reported.

"We demand for payment of three overdue salaries, health insurance contributions and food money", the president of the enterprise's syndicate Slagjan Mihajlovski said, adding that the strike will go on as long as their demands are met.

According to Mihajlovski, the syndicate is due to decide today which departments will continue their activities, as prescribed by the law.

The Mayor of Kumanovo announced a meeting in Thursday, among representatives of the Finance Ministry, Cistota i Zelenilo's managerial team and local authorities, aimed at reaching an agreement on modality of settling 40 million denars worth of VAT taxes, owned by the enterprise.

The account of the public enterprise Cistota i Zelenilo has been blocked for 40 days. The company refused to collect garbage in Kumanovo for 20 days, which prompted local authorities to hire a Bitola-based company to do the job.

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