Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Macedonia: 20 M EURO for Non-existing Bulgarian Company

Skopje. The capital of Macedonia Tabac amounting to EUR 20 million has been sold to non-existing Bulgarian company Tivamex for EUR 800,000 and the money has never been paid, the Macedonian newspaper Vreme reports in a publication “EUR 20 M for Non-existing Bulgarian Company” and subtitle “Case with Macedonia Tabac – topic for Scientific Dissertation”. Lawyer Tanya Mihaylova who was the authorized person from Tivamex1 tried to mislead the court in the town of Stip in the procedure for proving the crime, shareholders claim.
Vreme has already written that a time was needed and political will in order to be found out the perpetrators and to scrub the shame that the Macedonian judicial system
Suffered after the blow from the tobacco mafia. The mafia was probably supported by supreme political structures and they managed to acquire the capital of Macedonia Tabac, the biggest plant in the country.

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