Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Macedonia has future in EU

VIENNA -- Macedonia has a future in the EU, but much depends on the Balkan country's efforts to fight corruption and promote legal certainty.

Austrian Foreign Minister Ursula Plassniksaid in a statement that"Macedonia has a future in the EU," adding that Austria actively supports the country's bid for membership in the bloc. "But much will depend on Macedonia's persistent efforts."

In particular, Macedonia should focus on fighting corruption and creating legal certainty, Plassnik said.

"Progress in these areas will primarily serve the people of Macedonia," Plassnik said, adding that improving the conditions for foreign investment would promote economic growth and job creation.

Earlier this month, the EU warned Macedonia over its problems with corruption, saying it must speed up reforms if it wants to get a starting date for membership talks.

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Anonymous said...

The only future for FYROM is to reunite with Bulgaria. We are the same folk.