Monday, November 27, 2006

Macedonia has right to expect positive message from NATO: Crvenkovski

Macedonia, as one of the candidate-countries for membership, has a legitimate right to expect from the upcoming NATO Summit in Riga to receive a positive signal for a membership invitation in the next round of enlargement, announced for 2008.

Macedonian President and Supreme Commander of the Macedonian Armed Forces, Branko Crvenkovski, said this at the promotion of the ARM's Special Operations Regiment.

According to Crvenkovski, Macedonia acquired this right "on the basis of accomplished reforms in a number of areas", adding that the country should keep on with the current pace "of defence and security transformation".

At the promotion of the ARM's elite unit that took place in Ilinden Army Barracks today, Crvenkovski handed over the military flag to the commanding officer of the Special Operations Regiment, Colonel Vladimir Bojadziev.

The Regiment has derived from the transformation of the Special Tasks Team. The organizational setup of the regiment includes commanding headquarter, logistics units, and two combating units - special tasks battalion and ranger battalion.

The Regiment fully implements NATO standard operating procedures.

Since 2003,.more than 200 troops of this unit have participated in "Freedom for Iraq" operation.

Defense Minister Lazar Elenovski, ARM Chief of Staff Gen. Miroslav Stojanovski, as well as numerous guests and foreign diplomats attended the event.

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