Thursday, November 23, 2006

Macedonian judiciary causes concern in EU - Fouere

Judiciary in Macedonia causes concern in the European Union, states Head of European Commission Delegation to Macedonia Erwan Fouere for Vienna newspaper Wiener Zeitung.

The judicial system must be freed from political influence, with more efforts employed in the combat against corruption. There should also be more legal security for foreign investors, Fouere stresses.

According to him, the beginning of Macedonia's EU accession talks depends on the speed of reforms' implementation.

One of the timeframes could be the period of Slovenia's Union presidency in the second half of 2008, Fouere adds.

Fouere states there is progress in overcoming of ethnic tensions, and a possibly independent Kosovo cannot create intentions for unity with Albanian population in Macedonia.

There is no one that could bring Macedonia's borders into question, EC Delegation Head Erwan Fouere underlines.

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