Saturday, November 04, 2006

MEPSO to cut power supply to Silmak

The Public Enterprise for power distribution MEPSO announced another halting of electricity supply to the ferroalloy production plant Silmak from Jegunovce.

MEPSO's move was prompted by Silmak's failure to hold out to its commitment to gradually repay the debt owned to MEPSO.

MEPSO has already halted power supply to Silmak in early October, due to Silmak's debt incurred by unsettled electricity bills totaling 6 million euros. However, the plant managed to persuade the power distribution company to resume electricity supply after working out a deal for gradual payment.

Part of reasons for Silmak's disconnection from power supply system is the imminent power shortage Macedonia is facing during the winter period.

Some of the Macedonian media reported that electricity supply might be reduced to other big power consumers as well.

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