Tuesday, November 21, 2006

PDP calls DPA and DUI for dialogue

The Party of Democratic Prosperity (PDP) addressed a public call for dialogue to the ruling Democratic Party of Albanians (DPA) and the opposition Democratic Union for Integration (DUI), Makfax's correspondent reported.

According to PDP's spokesman Safet Neziri, the dialogue would be carried out in relaxed and rational fashion, focusing on the issues relating interests of Albanians in Macedonia and broader.

"Our stance is that it would be of general national interest, but to the benefit of all Macedonian citizens as well, if DPA and DUI overcome their antagonism", Neziri said.

He added that the dialogue is a necessary prerequisite for putting an end to further degradation of the democratic institutions and the ongoing processes within.

In that sense, Neziri stated the examples of "degradation" of the Ohrid Agreement, forceful takeover of the local authorities' competencies in the village of Zelino by the Minister of Education and Science, adoption of the Law on Police without consensus, as well as the intrusion of government's institutions in the State University in Tetovo.

At today's press briefing held in Tetovo, PDP reiterated its commitment for granting independence to Kosovo, which according to Neziri, would contribute to the region's stability.

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