Saturday, December 30, 2006

Greece criticized Skopje’s decision

ATHENS -- Greek foreign affairs minister criticized Macedonian government for naming the airport in Skopje after Alexander the Great

Dora Bakoiani stated that Alexander the Great was widely recognized as a person who lead the Greek army and set the foundations of history by spreading the Greek civilization across the known world.

“Skopje once again seeks false anchorage in the past. History cannot be altered nor given up after 2000 years”, said the minister and added that such behavior of the Macedonian government is not consistent with the practice of maintaining good relations that stem from the agreement and obligations towards the European Union, and that the decision was not something that was anticipated from Skopje.

The agreement signed in 1995 between Greece and Macedonia established basic diplomatic relations between the two countries at the level of representative offices, and affirmed that they could be upgraded into full diplomatic relations upon settling the dispute over the name “Macedonia”, which Greece claims to have a right to.

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