Thursday, December 07, 2006

Gruevski pleased with government's first 100 days

Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski said he was pleased with the government's work after 100 days in power, noting that the government would further speed the pace. "So far, the Government of the Republic of Macedonia have tabled to the Parliament a motion of amending the Constitution, more than 50 motions of alteration or enforcement of laws, rebalance of state budget, including the draft-budget for the year 2007. Dozens of motions of ratification of international agreements with third countries and international organizations, a number of executive orders and reports, financial plans, initiatives and authentic interpretations of laws, motions of establishing responsibility, and other motions aimed to improve the current situation," Gruevski said while briefing on government's first 100 days in power. He also briefed on the work of ministries, noting that a number of laws adopted thus far aim to boost foreign investments. "The comprehensive tax reform, through which we have become a country with lowest taxes in Europe, the introduction of regulatory guillotine - the new tool to assist the country in rapid regulatory simplification - and the possibility to register a company within three days, the drastic simplification of democratic procedures, the opportunities we offer in the free economic zones and many other measures will turn Macedonia into most attractive country for investments in Europe," Gruevski said. The reform in defense sector and interior affairs helped to boost efficacy in the fight against criminality, as the fight against organized crime rose to 95 percent. "We have delivered a severe blow on urban mafia and we started to shed light and solve the major criminal and corruption affairs," Gruevski said, adding that the crackdown on organized crime and corruption will go on.

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