Thursday, December 07, 2006

If ready, Macedonia to be included in NATO in 2008

n 2008, NATO will open its doors to include Macedonia, Albania and Croatia as fully-fledged members, if the three Adriatic Charter member-countries are ready for membership.

US President George Bush sent this message at an international conference in Riga, staged before official start of the NATO Summit.

"We will make it clear here in Riga that NATO's door remains open, and I believe that at our next Summit in 2008 we will send invitations to the countries which will be prepared for membership in the Alliance. Today, Macedonia, Croatia and Albania are all participating in NATO's Membership Action Plan, and the US. supports their aspirations to join the Alliance", Bush said.

US President gave an address at the international conference "Transforming NATO in a new Global Era" which took place in the Latvia's capital Riga, on the eve of NATO's annual global Summit.

The plenary conference of the leaders of member-countries will be held on Wednesday. NATO's transformation aimed at responding to increasing need of additional troops, primarily in Afghanistan.

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