Friday, December 29, 2006

Introduction of automatic toll booths in Macedonia

A system for automatic collection of tolls will be introduced in toll booths on the highways across Macedonia in 2007, the competent authorities said.

The automatic collection of tolls aims to step up the fight against corruption, said the director of Road Fund Natasha V'lkanovska and the Transport & Communications Minister Mile Janakievski.

The estimated value of the automatic toll booths project ranges 3-5 million euros. The project is supported by the World Bank and the USAID. The toll booths will operate with pay cards.

The authorities say the toll payment efficacy totals 65%, mainly because of misdoings by employees and unscrupulous drivers.

The authorities said some 25 employees in Roads Fund are under investigation into alleged wrongdoings.

The project will become fully operational in early 2008. The surplus of employees will be reassigned to others posts in the Roads Fund.

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