Wednesday, December 27, 2006

"Lajm": Bulgarian company Emko had contacts with NLA

The Bulgarian company Emko held a couple of meetings seven years ago with representatives of the Albanian paramilitary organization NLA to negotiate an arms sale deal, Skopje-based Albanian-language daily reported in today's edition.

According to the paper, the contacts of the Bulgarian company Emko with the leaders of the then Albanian National Liberation Army dated from 1999, when their first meeting took place in the Bulgarian town of Kjustendil.

The following meetings, according to Lajm, were held in Sofia, Kumanovo and Tetovo, shortly before outbreak of the armed conflict in Macedonia in 2001.

The newspaper sources claimed that negotiations for sale of arms were conducted, but said they had no information about eventual conclusion of agreements.

The former Chief of Staff of NLA and incumbent deputy in the Macedonian Parliament, Gzim Ostreni, told "Lajm" he was not aware of such meetings and qualified the claiming as speculations.

According to him, certain factors in Macedonia are trying to impute all kinds of wrongdoings to NLA with an aim to instigate a rift among the former Albanian guerilla fighters.

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