Thursday, December 07, 2006

Macedonian Football in Complete Mess

A very tumultous and violent football weekend in Macedonia! Players of Rabotnicki were beaten up in Kumanovo. Players of Makedonija GP were beaten up in Tetovo. Referees were beaten up in Stip... total chaos on Macedonian football pitches! A lot of complaints, accusations, press-conferences followed after this shocking 16th round in the Macedonian First League. The protagonists of this scandalous round came from following matches: Bashkimi - Rabotnicki (1:3); Renova - Makedonija GP (0:2) and Bregalnica - Napredok (1:2).

Rabotnicki players beaten up in Kumanovo's stadium tunnel
Rabotnicki had the lead in half time against Bashkimi in Kumanovo. When the players of the visiting team went to their locker room they were met by some unknown people in the tunnel of the stadium. Goalkeeper Tome Pacovski, Nderim Nedjipi and the captain Stojan Ignjatov were beaten up in a tumultous mess. Of course, the second half of the match was on the edge of being cancelled, but the brave players of the Macedonian champion gathered energy and extra motivation and finished the match with a victory.

Police stops breakout of punchfest in Tetovo
There were brawls between players in a match in Tetovo too. Renova hosted Makedonija GP and the visitors deservedly won the match in a boiling hot atmosphere. There were no incidents during the 90 minutes of the match, but when the players of the visiting team were leaving the pitch and entered the tunnel of the stadium, Makedonija's experienced defender Vladimir Despotovski was punched in the face by an unknown person. Bigger incident was about to occur between all the players of both teams but luckily the Police stopped it.

Bregalnica players attack referees
The three referees were on target in Stip, where the hosts Bregalnica were defeated by two controversial goals of Napredok. When the visitors scored the second controversial goal, some of the Bregalnica players ran infuriated to the referees and chased, pushed and kicked them around the pitch. The match continued after a 10 minutes break and 3 red cards.

If those incidents continue to happen on Macedonian football pitches, very soon we will have to use the line: "I went to a football game, but saw a boxing match!"

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