Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Three Bulgarian Trucks, Seized in Skopje, Transported NATO Arms

Skopje. The three trucks with Bulgarian license plates which were seized in Skopje, transported NATO arms, a correspondent of FOCUS News Agency in the Macedonian capital reported. The trucks were loaded with light portable firearms, produced in Germany and bearing the NATO symbols on them.
On Saturday, the Macedonian Defense Minister Lazar Elenovski announced that it was the third consecutive cargo of such a type.
“It’s the third shipment in a row. The only blunder, which was made during the transportation, was that the convoy was unescorted. The blunder will be checked so that those responsible for it are found out”, Elenovski said.
The court in Skopje decided yesterday to leave the four Bulgarian citizens who drove the trucks in custody. They were arrested on December 14 at about 8 p.m.
FOCUS News Agency will continue informing its readers of the developments of the case.

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