Wednesday, December 27, 2006

We Wanted to Remind Branko Crvenkovski he was not Elected Legitimately: Nikola Gruevski

Skopje. The ruling Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization-Democratic Party for Macedonian National Unity used the annual address of the Macedonian President Branko Crvenkovski to remind him he was not a legitimately elected head of state, the Macedonian PM Nikola Gruevski said, cited by the online edition of the Macedonian government press office.
According to Gruevski this is the reason for him and some of the ministers not to be present at the annual President’s address in the parliament yesterday.
“This is the third year in row that IMRO-DPMNU is not present at the address. We wanted to remind President Crvenkovski that he won the elections through violence, arms and frauds,” Gruevski stated. In his words “absence is a good message that elections should not be won in this way”.

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