Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Weapons Seized in Skopje are KFOR Arms

Skopje. The weapons transported by Bulgarian trucks were KFOR arms, the correspondent of Focus Agency in Skopje reports.
The weapons are 300 machine-guns, 300 machine-gun tripods, and 33 120mm caliber mine-throwers. They are new, made in Germany and sealed with NATO symbols. This is the third consignment. The transportation procedure is routine and in this way the Bulgarian and Macedonian armies fulfil their commitments to KFOR – the multinational NATO forces deployed in Kosovo.
According to the Macedonian Defense Ministry the single violation is that the weapons traveled without an escort and the necessary documents. The Director of the Macedonian National Bureau for Public Security Ljupco Todorovski said Saturday that the initial information stated the weapons were new and probably a NATO donation.
The Macedonian Defense Ministry first announced that the police detained a legal weapon consignment, which was part of the compensation between the Macedonian and Bulgarian armies. Later it became clear the weapons were transported under a contract signed between the Defense Ministry and the metal processing plant Tito. Todorovski added that the inquest should point to the transportation lapses, and explained he would demand liability from the people responsible for the transportation.
Nine employees in the Macedonian Armed Forces’ General Staff and the metal processing plant Tito are also arrested. Four Bulgarians – the truck drivers, will also remain arrested for 30 days. Macedonian Defense and Interior Ministries released different information about the place where the trucks were detained.

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