Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bulgarian Consulate in Skopje to Give Information about Visas on 05 80 58 555

Skopje. On Tuesday, the first working day after Christmas holidays in Macedonia, Bulgarian consulate in Skopje opens a call center for handing in visa applications. The number is 05 80 58 555, the code for Skopje being 02, Bulgarian ambassador to Skopje Miho Mihov told Focus Agency.
The center will work with several operators. The company the contract is signed with is Macedonian.
“We want to decrease corruption by introducing the phone applications. The center will work with a strict schedule,” the ambassador explained.
According to Miho Mihov Bulgarian officials did their best to assist Macedonians who wanted to visit Bulgaria in the last few days. The consulate has been working today so that those waiting outside could hand in their documents.

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