Thursday, January 18, 2007

Committee on Succession of Former Yugoslavia assets to hold session

A meeting of the Joint Committee of Senior Representatives of the Successor States to the former SFRY will take place on 15-16 January in Skopje.

The highlights of the meeting will include the dividing-up of some objects belonging to the old Yugoslav federation among successor-states, in particular Serbia and Croatia.

In the first round of dividing-up of assets, Macedonia has already met the 8% census and it gained the embassy in Canberra, a separate section of the embassy in Athens, consulate building in Zurich, SFRY's consulate general in Paris and apartment residence in Rome.

After the dividing-up of Former Yugoslavia's assets in European countries, the process will move to Phase 2, i.e. dividing-up of assets and facilities of lower interest.

In the course of the meeting, the members of the Standing Mixed Committee are likely to urge the Permanent Joint Committee to define the value of immovable assets that are of lower interest among the successor states. These assets are likely to be put on sale.

The estimated value of that have been divided-up thus far is put at $212 million.

In the next round of talks, Macedonia will make a bid for the embassy in Sofia in order to provide diplomatic-consular services for Macedonian citizens in the nearest neighborhood.

Diplomats told Makfax news agency that Macedonia prefers ready-for-use objects that don't require renovation.

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