Sunday, January 28, 2007

High NATO delegation in Macedonia

A high NATO delegation is starting its two-day official visit to Macedonia on Wednesday, for the purpose of evaluating the implementation of the plan for membership to the Alliance.

John Colston, Assistant Secretary General for Defence Policy and Planning is leading the team, accompanied by Brigade General John Durance, High NATO representative for Macedonia and Gabriel Cascogne, Liaisons Officer for Macedonia.

During the two-day visit, NATO team will estimate the status of implementation of the Action Plan for NATO membership and obligations contained in the Annual National Programme of the Republic of Macedonia for membership in the period 2006-2007, is said in the communication from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Colston is set to meet the President of the Republic of Macedonia, the Government President, Deputy President of the Government for the Ohrid Framework Agreement and the relevant Ministers connected with the NATO integration of the country.

The expert part of the NATO team will have consultations with expert working groups from relevant Government sections engaged in the preparation of Republic of Macedonia for Alliance membership, regarding political and economic issues, defence and military issues, defence resources, security of classified information and legal questions, is said in the communication.

A part of the NATO team will simultaneously work on harmonization of the text of the document for the Process of Planning and Review (PARP) and the Partnership Goals of the Republic of Macedonia for 2007.

Previously, the delegation was announced to arrive at Wednesday, 24 January.

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