Friday, January 26, 2007

"Invest to Macedonia" - international Government campaign

"Invest to Macedonia - New business heaven in Europe" is the media campaign for attracting foreign investments to Macedonia, announced by Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski on Wednesday.

The campaign that started on 19 January and would last until 1 March is envisaged to promote Macedonia as a business destination in 50 newspapers in more than 35 countries, with overall circulation of more than 9 million copies.

"The goal of the campaign is to attract investors. Macedonia, finally, after 16 years will enter the investors' maps in Europe and the world", said Gruevski.

According to the Prime Minister, the campaign is expected to raise investors' interest, which is the first step, and the Government would have to respond positively.

Main benefits of Macedonia for attracting foreign investors in the campaign are: the flat tax of 10 per cent, tax deductions for re-invested profit, access to markets of around 650 million consumers, gross salary of 370 Euro, macroeconomic stability with 3,1 per cent inflation, three-day registration of companies, EU and NATO candidate status, as well as good infrastructure.

Prime Minister, answering a journalist's question, said that Greek daily newspapers Kathimerini and Ta Nea refused to publish the advertisement under the name Republic of Macedonia in any form and that the Government considers its further actions.

Gruevski refused to specify the cost of the campaign, but stated assurance that the money would not exceed 1 per cent of the first foreign investment that would come due to this campaign.

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Anonymous said...

It seems as though the government is doing a good job, with the promotion. I was just wondering, ho could they possibly manage to implement such a complex project by themselves? Does the government in fact have such capabilities, to organize such a cross promotion in an organized fashion? If they do, that's great!